In the present business world, each and every call is important. Missing a call means missing a lead which will ultimately lead to loss of potential customer. Call management has become very essential requirement for any company from any vertical be it Trading company, Ecommerce, Hospitals, Hotels, Travel or any other.

In normal case, for call management, EPABX system has to be procured with PRI which take a lot of money and effort for setup and then maintaining it. Cloud Telephony not only removes the requirement of hardware in the premises, but it also play a significant role in making changes in the programme as and when required.

Cloud Telephony helps in the scalability of the business and provides an innovative and efficient way of call management to strengthen the business communication and process.

Advantages of Cloud Telephony:

  • Call Log Generation
  • No infrastructure required
  • Call routing from a single number
  • Personalized and multi-level IVR
  • Call recording

Solutions offered:

1) Pre packaged solutions

Super Receptionist cloud telephony solution for enterprises to evaluate and get real-time analytics of their businesses. Read more..

2) Customized Solutions

Depending upon the requirement of the client, solutions are created for running the business in an easy and efficient manner. This includes various solutions and is catered to multiple verticals. Read more..

Reach out to masses with automated text and voice messages.
Missed Call
Actively engage customers and generate more leads.
Virtual Ad Number
Know which marketing channel is driving your sales.
Connect instantly to boost conversion rates.
Super Toll Free
Increase your business enquiry, improve the quality of leads.
Cloud IVR
Get efficient with your inbound call-handling performance.
Virtual PPC Number
Measure the success of your marketing campaigns.
Accelerate seamless integration with your CRM.


Super- Receptionist is your personal reception hosted virtually in cloud telephony environment with Super Receptionist service you get a personal telephone number where your customers can call 24x7.

Agent Included (Forwarding Numbers) 2 4 6
Free Minutes/Month 400/Month 1200/Month 3500/Month
Web Interface Yes Yes Yes
128 Bit Security Yes Yes Yes
Programmable Extensions Yes Yes Yes
VoiceMail Yes Yes Yes
MobileApp Yes Yes Yes
Welcome Message Yes Yes Yes
Click to Call Yes Yes Yes
Email Report Yes Yes Yes
Time Based Routing Yes Yes Yes
SMS Alert Yes Yes Yes
Multilevel IVR No Yes Yes
MultiAgent Login No No Yes
CRM Integration No No Yes
Sticky Agent No No Yes
Past Data Visibility 1-Month 3-Months Unlimited


Cloud Telephony Enterprise Solutions to generate more leads and better efficiency

1) K- Broadcast

Reach out the masses with voice and text messages. Outbound Phone Campaigns help to carry out various functions like drive elections, confirm cash on delivery orders, collect research feedback, spread awareness, etc.

2) Missed Calls

To engage more customers and generate leads. Missed call solution enhances marketing campaigns allowing customers to sign up for SMS alert or to activate/de-activate services. It can be also used for feedback mechanism in any vertical.

3) Super Toll Free

Increase the business enquiry, improve the quality of leads. Super Toll free gives fascinating features like advanced analytics, whitelisting, call routing and welcome greeting in many languages.

4) Cloud IVR

Get efficient with inbound call-handling performance, Cloud IVR allows connecting with the right department or person. Eases the business ca;; handling and helps in generating more leads.

5) Virtual Ad No.

To know which marketing channel is driving the sales. Virtual Ad Numbers helps in determining the ROI for brands using various advertising mediums. You can track and source the leads to measure and record them for future purposes.

6) Virtual PPC Number

Measure the success of marketing campaigns. Virtual Pay-Per-Click (PPC) numbers can be assigned to each online ad campaigns to track the extent to which they fared. This will help in running a more targeted and effective campaign in future.

7) Click – to – call

Connect instantly to boost conversion rates. An instant calling widget placed on your website so that the customer can get in touch with you while viewing the website. Gives an advantage of getting connected to the lead promptly, decreasing the conversion time. These calls are absolutely free to your potential customers.

8) Integration

Accelerate seamless integration with CRM. It allows triggering call or SMS directly from your SCRM. Integration allows greeting the known customer using a personalized welcome greeting. Integration also allows to market directly from the CRM system.